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Established since 1993, we specialize in Plastics Fabrication. Working under professional management, committed to economical solutions of the highest quality and personal service, we serve the Gulf and MENA markets.

Our products are fabricated to YOUR requirements using industry best practices, by trained plastics welders and fabricators.

We fabricate to order a range of items for the plumbing and contracting industry.

We also produce products for the photographic, chrome plating, chemical and other industries where the non-corrosive properties of plastics are an essential requirement.

To add value to our line of Grease & Solid Waste Management Interceptors, we supply a line of Bio-fluid Dosing system. This allows Grease digestion before discharge to the municipal sewer lines reducing the maintenance costs of these installations.

Our capabilities include working with various plastics including PVC, ABS, PE, PP & GRP. This allows us to produce solutions to almost any problems encountered on work sites.

We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO certification, to assure our customers of standardized processes and products.

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