PVC Fabrication

HomePVC Fabrication
  • Long arm Tees for Septic tanks
  • Linear Soak-ways
  • Dry Manholes
  • Long Radius Bends (any angles from 25mm to 315mmØ Pipes)
  • Bell Mouths – Various lengths and sizes
  • PVC Sand Buckets & Trays
  • Puddle Flanges in PVC, HDPE, ABS, SS 316L, SS 304, GI & MS.
  • Parapet Drains, Roof Outlets & Planter Drains
  • Reverse-Arm interceptors
  • Welding of access doors on standard fittings
  • Threaded & formed adapters – Made to suite
  • PVC & HDPE Gully Traps & Sand Traps – 160mm to 500mm as required.
  • PVC & HDPE Vortex Inhibitors
  • Half round PVC rain water gutters & fittings
  • Pipe manifolds in PVC, ABS, Steel & Copper
  • G.I backing rings to BS and ASA Standards

And many other Items all made to order.To solve your specific problem please Contact

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