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Meeting demands of waste water treatment plants and municipal authorities, all commercial kitchens, laundries and vehicle service stations are required to install fixtures which help remove contaminants before discharching their waste water into the Municipal sewer systems.

Fats, Oil & Grease (FOGs) and sediment flushed down the drain can cause blockages and unpleasant smells in work areas. Blockages can lead to overflows and cause health hazards in the establishment. There is a high risk of an eventual drainage maintenance problem caused by blocked building sewer lines.

Consequently the installation of Grease Traps and grease treatment facilities are usually recommended and is now compulsory under most local authority regulations.

FOGs collected in Grease Traps can be further treated by installing automatic Aqua-Bio Pro bio-fluid dosing systems that treat the incoming effluent in the trap allowing the digestion of FOGs. This helps in preventing blockages, odours and creates free flowing drains.

Oil & Lint Interceptors allow the seperation of oil and lint from ingress to the sewer, stopping blockages from forming downstream and allows for an efficient low maintenance sewer line.

Brochures and Technical details on our products can be found on the  Resources page.

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