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Biological grease treatment is now achievable with the advances in bio-technology, using specially designed grease degrading micro-organisms, biological dosing systems can be installed instead of grease traps or fitted to aid in the improvement of a grease traps performance. They are also suitable for treatment of fats, oils and grease within pumping/lift stations and sewage treatment plants.

Unlike enzyme fluid which simply emulsify the fats, oils and grease (FOG) allowing them to pass further down the drain line where they can restructure and cause blockages elsewhere. All our biological grease treatment dosing systems benefit from the advances in biotechnology by using multi-strain micro-organisms allowing the FOG molecules to be broken down and digested, ultimately leading to the final molecules been a mixture of H2O & CO2

How Biological Grease Treatment Technology Works

Our biological fluids work in two distinct ways on the FOG waste that enter the drainage pipe work and grease trap systems:

  1. The biological fluid introduces an enzyme that assists the natural biological process of breaking down long molecular chain FOG’s into a manageable solution to be digested by micro organisms.
  2. The biological grease treatment fluid then introduces bacteria micro-organisms that actively feed on the FOG’s present within the solution turning the waste into a mixture of H2O & CO2

Biological activators will not digest mass quantities of solid residues from the food preparation process quickly, for high volume sediment sites a pre-filter system is advised.

Aqua Bio-Pro Drain Treatment System

The Aqua Bio-Pro is an automatic drain maintenance dosing system protecting commercial kitchens from fat oil and grease build-up within the drainage line.


By use of the programmable dosing pump the system injects at pre-determined times a ready to use, high bacterial specification, multi-strain bio-fluid, specifically for biological treatment of grease traps and drain maintenance.

The Aqua Bio-Pro incorporates the latest biotechnology using an ‘environmentally responsible’ yet highly effective ready to use product that is based on biological as opposed to chemical action. With a bacteria count of 200 million spores per ml and an effective pH range of 5.0 – 10.0 the Bio-Pro fluid offers drainage protection even in some the harshest environments. Supplied in 10 litre and 20 litre containers.

The Aqua Bio-Pro uses approximately 10 liters of biofluid every three to four months. Fluid can be supplied automatically under an annual maintenance contract or it can be purchased as required.

Brochures and Technical details on our products can be found on the Resources page.

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