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As Waste Water Management specialists, we supply many different types of Interceptors. By trapping undesired waste from entering the drainage lines, these traps allow avoiding expensive cleaning operations of pipeline blockages later on.


Commonly specified in service stations and other vehicle maintenance or parking areas. Oil interceptors prevent environmentally damaging and potentially dangerous oily substances from entering septic fields, runoff areas, and waste water treatment facilities. These Interceptors collect oil and conveniently permit the collected oil to be drained to a storage tank by means of an adjustable gravity draw-off connection. Sediment and solids are collected in sediment bucket and should be periodically removed. Interceptors should not be located directly in traffic areas.

Oil interceptors are not designed to store oil. Oil should be drained into an approved storage tank, which should be pumped as required.


Commercial and self-service laundries discharge solids (such as lint, sewings and buttons) along with the liquid waste. They must have Lint Interceptors to prevent these solids from entering the drainage system. These Interceptors have removable screens and/or baskets to collect the solids. The screen construction allows for easy cleaning.

Lint interceptors for sell-service laundries are sized according to the number of washing machines installed and other factors like the number of cycles, waste flow rate, retention time and storage factor.

Lint Interceptors require regular cleaning & maintenance for proper functioning.

Brochures and Technical details on our products can be found on the Resources page.

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